Low Testosterone Therapy – Pros And Cons

low T

Men have a sex hormone called testosterone produced in the testes. The presence of this hormone in a male fetus helps in developing the sex organs. As the boy grows and reaches puberty this hormone aids physical development as well as helps in growing facial hair, muscles, and a deep voice. The testosterone plays an important part in the sexual aspects of a man. As men grow older, the testosterone levels start to reduce and are known as low T.

When testosterone drops too low, undergoing therapy has a lot of HealthGains. As per experts at www.webmd.com, the awareness about men’s health is very less, so most men keep silent and suffer low T. With therapy, testosterone levels can become healthy, and the man can restart the activities that he used to do earlier.

Causes for low T
Low testosterone can be because of aging. As the man gets older, his testosterone levels drop. There can be other reasons other than the age factor for the dip in levels like diseases to glands, radiation therapy for cancer treatment, testicular injury due to accidents, side effects of medicines, etc.
Normally, the range of testosterone levels in men is about 300 to 900 ng and what needs to be measured is the free testosterone that is present. Knowing the free testosterone range is essential as this is what determines if the man has low T or not as men who fall in the above said normal range still show symptoms of low T.

Symptoms of Low T
Low Testosterone in men leads to lacks of interest in sex, inability to maintain erection as well as other sexual difficulties.
Low T also has a bearing on the man’s health; it can lead to osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, etc.
It is also observed that men with low testosterone have a low life expectancy.

Advantages of therapy
Therapy can help with the classical symptom of Low T, low sex drive. It can help renew interest in sex as well as help in erection.
By treating Low T with therapy, the bones of the man can become stronger and help prevent osteoporosis. It can also control the blood sugar thereby reducing chances of diabetes.
Undergoing therapy for Low T will improve the quality of life of the man as it can enhance the energy levels as well as improve the mood.

Risks of therapy
Some men can have side effects like acne, enlargement of breasts or sleep apnea. The risk of blood clots is also high among men who undergo this therapy.
The side effects of long term use of testosterone therapy are not yet known, and most men will have to continue treatment for quite some time.
There is some concern about link between low T therapy and prostate cancer though there is no conclusive evidence, doctors recommend to get a PSA test done once a year

Though there are a few side effects of this therapy, the benefits that you get after treatment outweighs the few risks involved. It is far more beneficial for a man to undergo treatment for Low T and get back his confidence and lead a normal life.